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The umami of the lean spreads

Kagoshima Prefecture Black Cow Sasami



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About fillet

Speaking of chicken with chicken, it refers to a pale part with little fat.

The cow has a good balance between lean and sashimi, and is an attractive part of the taste without dust.

Differences between the Non -San and Series and Series and Series

Persons of cattle

It is the meat of the mother beef who has given birth. Although the meat quality becomes hard, the taste is condensed, and it is recommended for dishes that you want to enjoy the taste of meat, such as yakiniku and steak.

Unmarked cattle

It is a cow meat that has not experienced childbirth. The meat quality is soft and the fat color is red, so it is recommended for cooking for a long time, such as stewed yaki.

About Kubota Livestock Black Cow

Our black beef is a black cow from Kagoshima Prefecture, which was born in Kubota livestock and grew up in Kubota livestock.

Depending on the livestock farmers, there are farms that buy, raise, and ship calfs in the market.

Kubota livestock is responsible for handling life, from the pasture to be eaten by black beef to the process of shipment.

We hope that it will be an opportunity to know our generous affection and the environment where cows grew up.


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