Initial cost 0 yen, monthly fee 0 yen

Registration of a store is not expensive at all.
No matter how many items you register, the cost is free.
We will respond to the order and customer service.


Only the system usage fee when it is sold

We will bear the system usage fee when the product is sold.
The system usage fee is designed so that we do not have any profit to us.
If we have a profit, we will donate to the children.

(Excluding the range that certified public accountants, tax accountants, lawyers, etc. are needed to maintain and survive to the maintenance of companies.)


Producers can freely set the selling price

In principle, free prices are possible.

(We ask for a bargain price from other EC sites)


Service guide

It lists the conditions of store opening, exhibition standards, service details, and application flow.




Application for exhibition is about 1 minute

Store registration (about 1 minute) ⇨ Automatic reply e -mail ⇨ Basic agreement contract (about 2 minutes) ⇨ Product registration application (about 3 minutes) ⇨ Product screening (about 3 business days) ⇨ Sales start (instant)

You can apply right now.

We look forward to your application for opening a store.