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Thank you for visiting the producer support group.
At this shop, our staff themselves are "delicious" from producers and restaurants nationwide.
We will deliver carefully selected ingredients and food to you.

Please enjoy it once.

Corporate policy

Nowadays, the food self -sufficiency rate and the shortage of the first industries have become a hot topic.

In the future, it is feared that foods may not reach consumers.

Our children and generations after grandchildren are the same as us

I want a society where you can eat delicious and safe food.


Producer support group that started with this feeling.


First, the product prices of domestic producers were excessively traded, focusing on the market structure, which would be the benefit of intermediate traders.

Through the provision of a platform that can share the profits of intermediate traders between consumers and domestic producers

Building a different market will take on the first step.

Consumers can get cheaper and more delicious food

Domestic producers can acquire legitimate profits from the value of special foods

Our EC site was launched to realize such a society.

On our EC site, consumers will pay only the minimum cost of our company from the product sales.

It is a food EC site that we do not aim for profits.

By applying some of the profits from handling imported products to our costs,

We will continue to work on our best to become a happy society for both domestic producers and consumers.





Company Profile

Dealer Producer support group Co., Ltd.
Establishment July 15, 2021
Capital 3 million yen
Director Yuki Nagai Nao
Yoshiki Fukuyama
address 4-21-1 Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0013
Ol Tower Office 6F
telephone number 050-5526-1450
URL https://www.seisansya.shop/
Email info@seisansya-ouen.co.jp
Business date and time 10:00 to 18:00 (excluding weekends and holidays)
Business content
  1. Planning, manufacturing and sales of food, etc.
  2. Planning and operation of EC site
  3. Planning and production of websites
  4. Advertising and advertising agencies
  5. Management consulting business
  6. Consulting business on regional revitalization
  7. Planning and management of restaurants
  8. All businesses related or related to each of the preceding items
group Enterprise